Elite: Dangerous - Kickstarter Promo Video

14 November 2012

Elite: Dangerous - Kickstarter Promo Video

A few days after Frontier Developments created the Elite: Dangerous Kickstarter project they also posted a “call to arms” video, which has David Braben giving a small introduction, before going on to talk about the history of the Elite games and the kinds of things we can expect from the upcoming sequel. I’ve made a transcript of David’s introduction, followed by the video itself.

DB: I’d like to begin by offering a really heartfelt thanks to all those at Kickstarter who’ve already pledged. We’re at an amazing stage already and to those thinking of pledging, come and be part of what I think will be a really exciting project. This is the game that we at Frontier have wanted to make for a long time, certainly it’s a game I have wanted myself for a long time. I thoroughly enjoyed both making and playing the original ELITE and the sequels, and I think to recreate that magic it’s absolutely phenomenal and it looks like it’s possible now. So, as I said, thank you very much to all those who’ve already pledged.

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