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The Adder is one of the most standard of the multi-role craft. It’s size gives it room for trading, or alternatively there is enough space to house a reasonable number of extra passenger cabins, giving you the leeway to try your hand at a ta)d service. The lack of missile pylons is the obvious hint at the age of the craft, as this design probably dates back to the time when missiles cost some five times what they do now, and were rarely in ready supply. Although there is the room inside for a large range of weapons, and the craft has more than enough pulling power to get you in and out of combat, we would thoroughly advice against taking an Adder into combat. These days the only pilots you see flying Adders are pirates, and that’s because the craft is ideal for Fuel Scooping.


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In the war against the Empire, the Asp explorers were the original scout ships. Built to be fast a resilient, a surprising number of these managed to survive the reconnaissance missions they were sent upon, more often than not saved by their surprising turn of speed. All that acceleration power was often too much for one man to handle, and the two man crew often consisted of a navigator/pilot and an engine operation, whose sole task it was to monitor the engines, which were known to overheat quite rapidly in those early technology days. All engine troubles are fixed now, but the interior design of this small craft has remained more or less the same, still needed the same two man crew to fly, with navigation and piloting controls split over two consoles.

Cobra Mk III

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After a complete rethink following the collapse of the Cobra Mk II, the Federation shipyard, Faulcon DeLacy addressed some of the problems facing pilots of their day and came up with what was to be their best ship ever the Cobra Mk III. In the 20th Century, as any history buff will know, a motor car company by the name of Ford came up with a car called an Escort, which was generally regarded to be their finest hour. The Cobra Mk ill can only be described as the Ford Escort of the space lanes. It has classic lines, that millions of ships tried to emulate. it is nippy, easily manoeuvred, powerful, attractive, spacious and well defended. The only craft that Faulcon DeLacy ever built that was deemed to be more classic was the now defunct Fer De Lance - a vicious piece of combat machinery that is now outlawed, as the Police deemed it too powerful to be left in the hands of the public.


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The Ferdelance.


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The Gecko is one of the strangest craft ever released onto the market. Now and again ship designers try to hit a niche market. invariably they get it wrong, and the ship is sold as a general role craft. The Gecko was, as far as records can show, built as a tug craft, used primarily to tow broken down ships from the depth of space to safety, where the working parts were salvaged and the rest of the ship melted down. Being as the costs of such a mission are sometimes astronomical, this was a trade that made very little money, and only if you were very good at it, so it all fell apart. This would explain the powerful retro thrusters on the craft, which are the only high point of this average size, average power transport.


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The Kobra3.


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This ageing strike craft is still popular today, if for no other reason that it’s use of oversized laser cannons strapped to the outside edges of it’s thin body to extend the range of any lasers fitted to it, or so the dealers will tell you. Talking of those laser emplacements, there have been many concerns over the original Krait’s tendency to fall apart on high G turns - apparently the finger width of welding that held the weapon systems on just wasn’t up to the job, and pilots often found themselves on attack runs without any form of offence. it’s still a very quick ship to play with, even by today’s high standards, and offering a little more room than most combat ships, the Krait is fine for combat, which is probably why pirates favour them quite highly That and the availability of second hand parts in scrap ship yards.


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The Mamba.

Moray Starboat

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Here’s an example of a ship design going rogue. in the early days of the Elite Federation Of Pilots, a very small and privileged section of society owned space craft. The rest of the galaxy had to make do with taxi rides and pleasure cruises, and the craft most often used on these pleasure cruises was the Starboat. Gentle craft with plenty of room for passengers and in-flight entertainment, these fish-like ships would drift slowly through space, searching for the best views and the best photo opportunities. Then a pirate by the name of Emile Rogers got hold of one, and managed to take out half of the imperial installations on Vequess with it. once that happened, every pirate in the galaxy wanted one, and they were getting hijacked left, right and centre. The pleasure cruise industry died, and the morays are now left on the outskirts of systems, waiting to take out the next craft that enters from Hyperspace.

Orbital Shuttle

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The Orbital Shuttle.


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The most famous attack craft ever, the Sidewinder was once the only ship pirates were ever seen in. Deceptively small looking, due to its narrow frame and centre mounted laser cannon, this sleek little ship still keeps up with the latest technology, seemingly effortlessly - a tribute to the forward thinking designers, whose names are now lost in the rnists of time. The lack of missile pylons was considered a mistake at the tirne, but the speed of the ship means that it can take out most craft long before a missile would ever reach them, and the reduced weight gives the craft superb handling and braking power. Somehow there is room in there for 25 tonnes of cargo space - again another tribute to the designers, so there are plenty of reasons to dictate why this ship is still as popular today as it ever was, even in the face of some stiff opposition.


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The Thargoid.


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The Thargon.


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Despite its name, the transporter is actually a small trading craft, and not a fleet carrier The name is the one thing that seems to have put a lot of people off this small, easily managed craft, which is a pity because those who actually buy and fly them, never seem to want to let them go. Comfortable to fly, and offering your average pilot over 100 tonnes of free cargo space, these are very popular among the mining fraternity, and one look at the low, flat front of the ship is enough to see why. This thing is built for a Fuel Scoop, and no Transporter looks complete without one. Not the best ship for combat, as its shape gives it far too many blind spots for it to have a chance, this is a ship for the peaceniks of the galaxy.


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The Viper has been the craft that has kept the galaxy on its toes for hundreds of years, and it’s still going strong. Finally made available to the public in the last 60 years, the Viper has proven time and time again that it is one of the only ships to own if you are going out for a life of combat. Its basic triangular design is enough to place fear in the hearts of most pilots. be they guilty or not, and the oversized main and retro thrusters give it more than an edge when entering into combat. Strangely enough, though, it isn’t as exciting to fly as the Police make it look, which goes some way to crediting the Police on the calibre of their space borne officers. One thing to watch out for when flying a Viper is that sometimes you will find yourself under far heavier attack than the system calls for. This is probably due to you being mistaken for a Police ship, and is nothing to worry about. we would strongly advise against pretending to be a Police officer in one, as this is an executable offence.


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The Worm.

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