Elite 4: Space Ships

Note: Frontier: First Encounters came with almost fifty ships but it has to be expected that there will be plenty more in Elite 4. At this time we don’t have any details on what the ships in Elite: Dangerous will have so I’ve based any current text on the ships found Elite 3.


Anacond Ship

The Anaconda is quite an average trading ship. It big, slow and quite frankly, requires far too many crew members. If you’ve decided against bounty hunting or piracy - satisfying yourself with an occupation in trading, with perhaps a little short-range taxi service work - then you’re likely going to end up owning one of these at one point in your life.

Viper Mark II

Viper Mark III Ship

Faulcon de Lacy have managed to out-do themselves with the Viper Mark II, making it a little bigger, a little faster and a little more expensive than the original Viper Mk1. Although the Mk2 is almost twice the weight it comes with greatly improved forward and retro thrusters.

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