Frontier: Elite II

Frontier: Elite II

After eight years of waiting fans were rewarded with the ELITE sequel; Frontier: Elite 2.

While still holding many of the concepts found in the original Elite, Ian Bell wasn’t involved in the development and so Frontier Developments and David Braben pushed the boundaries of a ‘real universe’ further to include a very detailed representation of our entire galaxy and an accurate Newtonian flight model - this realism was considered very ground breaking at the time of release. The game play is still very open-ended - you go and do what you like…you take control of your own destiny.

To make the player experience more involved Frontier Developments populated most star systems with planets, star bases and space stations. The game is set in the year 3200 and includes two opposing factions; the Federation, based from Earth, and the Empire, based in the Achenar system, each with their own Military institutions.

The open-ended-ness of the game means you can become a trader, fighter, courier, work you way up the military rankings, or do all four.

If all that seems too much like hard work, you could just kick in your Stardreamer and tour the galaxy.


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