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The Frontier: First Encounters introduced a very unique feature into the game with the introduction of the Journals; newspaper like publications, which are lively, and often very biased opinions for each of the major political factions along with a Scholarly Journal and a somewhat trashy tabloid.

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Frontier News
The organ of the Alliance! You can consider the news here as somewhat authoritative and mostly unbiased. As a relative minor player in the Elite universe they often cover the good and bad adventures of the Federation and Empire rather even-handedly.
Federal Times
The mouthpiece of the Federation! Read with considerable suspicion when it purports to tell the truth about either itself or the Empire.
Imperial Herald
Almost pure Imperial Propaganda! The Herald is immensely entertaining and can often shed light on some situations, unless of course they're talking about the Federation.
Universal Scientist
The sober voice of science! This publication generally takes a neutral point-of-view, reporting only the facts and the provable theories. You will occasionally read news on current events that can be of use to any respectable captain, though it's often only by accident.
Random Intergalactic Gossip
Trash, trash and more trash - the journal for the common man; at least if you translate "common" into "crass", "sensationalist" and "badly spelled". The R.I.G. is a red-top tabloid through-and-through, which respects no boundaries and believes that the lowest common denominator is still far too highbrow. Don't dismiss them offhandedly though, R.I.G. often reveals that which other journals are too compromised to publish.

As a player in FFE you can gain a lot of knowledge about the hard-coded missions, along with the potential to earn wads of cash and some accolades along the way.


All the journals have been extracted into HTML and are included here for your perusal. NOTE: this is a very large page at 877KB - please be patient.

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