ELITE: Classic

ELITE: Classic

ELITE, the original BBC Micro game that kicked off the 3D Space Game genre. Written and developed by Ian Bell and David Braben, it was first published by Acorn Soft in 1984, before being ported to other platforms such as the Sinclair Spectrum.

Along with being one of the first computer games to utilise wire-frame 3D graphics with hidden line removal, Elite also came with a short novella by Robert Holdstock entitled; The Dark Wheel.



([E’]leet) Function: noun, adjective. Etymology: French élite, from Old French eslite, from feminine of eslit, past participle of eslire to choose, from Latin eligere.


    1. First-class, elect, the chosen, selected as the best or most skilled members of a group.
    1. A highly innovative cult computer game from 1984 of unprecedented atmosphere and complexity.
    1. The most distinguished honour attainable in aforementioned game.
Amige Elite box image Image from Amiga version of Elite (1988)

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