Quality Quartet

Quality Quartet

Company name: Quality Quartet Formed: 1995- Nationality: Dutch

Official Website: www.qualityquartet.com

Writing the 9 pieces for Frontier: First Encounters (Elite 3) was the very first commercial project Quality Quartet were hired to do. Since then they have focused on music for advertising and other media, though they do occasionally still do multimedia/game work.

Ivo, has a broad range of musical styles including everything from jazz to headstock. Graduated with a MA in Sound & Music Technology in 1997. Also writes for the music technology illustrated magazine Interface.

Finn, in his CD cupboard you can find music ranging from Gangsta-rap to Coldplay. Graduated in 1998 with a BA in Production and Recording.

The other two members, Jasper Swart and Daniel Baars, no longer work for Quality Quartet.

Works Include

  • Alien Encounters
  • Atmosphere
  • Drama
  • Escape
  • First Encounters Theme
  • Paradise
  • Rock
  • Suspense
  • Travel

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