Elite Fiction

Elite Fiction

Elite was a ground breaking game in many ways and the inclusion of a novella set in the Elite universe was a great addition. Written by well-known fantasy author Robert Holdstock, The Dark Wheel describes the quest of Alex Ryder, a newly-qualified pilot, who sets out to exact revenge for his father’s death at the hands of a paid assassin.

For its 1991 PC release, Elite Plus included an additional short story, this time written by Andy Redman. Imprint tells the story of newly-qualified pilot, Rif Hood, and his early skirmishes in space. It consists of two sub-plots, revenge against a demented fellow pilot and romance with a pilot who lost her previous comrades to pirates. The story culminates in a huge space-battle between hundreds of Galactic Navy and Knights Templar spaceships.

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The Dark Wheel: Synopsis




On his inaugural flight as a ‘harmless’ combateer, Alex Ryder experienced the sharp divide between SimCombat and live action in the fast lane of Witch-Space. Seated next to his father, the occasion (a celebration!) was suddenly jarred by the fatal laser fire of a fellow trader . . .

Emerging from unconsciousness aboard a Moray hospital ship. Alex’s first impression was conditioned by a sleazy holoFac of Rafe Zetter (a friend of Alex’s father who has blotted his legal status by trading in slaves). As Alex’s mind grappled with his senses, his desperate questions seemed to provoke still more perplexing riddles from the old warrior.

What had the trader hoped to gain (their cargo had been almost worthless)? Why had Jason Ryder stayed to engage the attacker, when he could have bailed out with Alex? What had he meant by ‘Raxxla! Remember Raxxla!’, as Alex slid into his escape pod?

But gradually, with Zetter’s help, Alex began to assemble some pieces of the jigsaw. His father was no simple trader, far from it; he had been one of the few - an Elite combateer. The marauding trader was no bounty hunter, but an assassin programmed to kill.

As a thirst for revenge spurred the fury of Alex’s emotions, he understood that Jason’s mission must now become his. To succeed, he too would have to prove himself worthy of -


** a fighting quality far beyond**

** courage, macho and cool precision**

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