Dream-Ware / Stardreamer Timeline

Dream-Ware has a long history dating back to the middle of the 34th Century. We have grown from a small production line into the multimedia empire we are today. Please feel free to drop us an email at: webmaster@dream-ware.co.uk.

Below is a short timeline of our early days along with important dates regarding the Stardreamer development. Look out in the future for more information on the Dream-Ware Group.

After a series of peace talks, the Empire and Federation decide to form a special joint task force whose "official" purpose is research and development of spacecraft and space living technology. It is given the name Intergalactic Naval Research Arm, or INRA for short.
INRA start work on designs for a Space-Skip facility in an attempt to combat Wilbron's psychosis, discovered in the late 2800's.
The Space-Skip facility is complete and regulations are introduced to ensure it is fitted as standard on all ships.
The Imperial Courier is produced by the Gutamaya Corporation of Achenar.
Alongside the Imperial Courier the Gutamaya Corporation create an improved Space-Skip facility named the 'Stardreamer'.
Production of the Stardreamer add-on "dream chip" begins, these are subsequently outlawed due to new cases of Wilbron's psychosis appearing.
Dream-Ware, Alioth (0,4), is hired by INRA to produce safe DREAMS to combat the ever growing "dream chip" black market.
The Dream-Ware name becomes synonymous with the dream chips and the Dream-Ware boom begins.
First Wiccan Ware Race; Jjagged Bbanner release their first DREAM.

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